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ACMN September meeting at Mission Possible - Tuesday Sept.19…

As a follow-up to our August meeting about the Heroin/Opioid crisis...  Lynn Schelling from Celebrate Recovery is coming to our Tuesday, Sept. 19, 9-10:30 a.m. meeting. The venue for this meeting is Mission Possible, 63 S. Broadway, Aurora 60505.

So mark your calendar... circle the date... bring your church staff to hear about this crisis and how the church can be part of the solution.

Please RSVP if possible... our host needs a head count for refreshments and snacks.

Here are some reading links...
Illinois counties... Drug overdose deaths...…/meas…/factors/138/data
USA Today (04/13/17)... Religious groups help transform addiction from moral failure to treatable disease
USA Today (05/21/17)... Program helps heal 'hurts, hang-ups and habits'
CNN (08/04/17)... America's 'drug infested dens' a national emergency?

Please call John for more information at (630) 879-8828 or email

John Ross, Facilitator
Aurora Christian Ministry Network
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